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If a picture is worth a thousand words, then let me share my novel with you.

New Changes coming in 2017...No longer offering CD of images...We are changing over to Print Packages only with a minimum print order. ​*Cd offered after minimum is met*


Each child is unique and have their

own little personalities. I try to capture

their innocence to tell a story. 

Babies are a blessing....A baby represents "New beginnings"  that need to have every tiny detail preserved to look back on years from now. 

gallery events

Our second session of the year of our annual "Magical Unicorn Experience"
Girls dress up using our wardrobe and accessories making some fine art to hang on your walls

Our first session of the year of our second annual "Magical Unicorn Experience" 

Girls dress up using our wardrobe and accessories making some fine art to hang on your walls.

Offering Print Packages....with a minimum order!

​No longer offering Cd 

Lisa Belhaiba Photography specializes in photographing newborns, babies, children and families throughout greater Alabama and nationwide.  With these artistic images, we create expressive stories of real life.  ​

LIKE WHAT YOU SEE?let my lens tell your story.




Everything and everyone have a story to tell.

I love capturing an interesting photo of a family's closeness.Sometimes we lose loved ones and

in the end, all we have is a photo capturing the


Ever wonder what your child will remember from childhood? We think about that all the time and realize the impact photographs can have on childhood memories. At times, photographs even become our memories because we were too young to remember. We strive to see the world through your child’s eyes and capture it with creative photography.

Lisa Belhaiba Photography


Teens represent young adult hood. From

graduating high school. going off to college,

to dating, having relationships, to marriage.

It is definitely a story worth telling!