Images from our 2014-2015 Unicorn sessions! 

​​Lisa Belhaiba Photography's next Live Unicorn Photo-shoot experience will be:

Saturday July 18, 2015  (girls)- white unicorn

Sunday August 23,2015  (girls) -white unicorn

(Our third girls session. We were the first to introduce these sessions for the Huntsville area in 2014)

This year's theme will have a white lace tepee, the tea party setting, our vintage blue and peach gorgeous chairs fit for any  Princess!  For the newborns or young age, we will have our tiny baby bed props with flower garland and place baby at opening of tepee and have our unicorn "Spirit" in the setting. Our location is located in Huntsville and the mountain view and  enchanted tree makes for a perfect setting i'm sure will grace your walls of any room! 

Saturday, August 22.2015 (Boys)   brown/black pony

Our Very First Boys session!

"Fishing by the creek" Wear your overalls, shirtless, cane-pole, barefoot or western attire/boots

"Lazy Days of Summer" -relaxing against old tree reading a book, or napping with pony in portrait observing or feeding

"Dress Up" -Portrait with pony whispering, hugging, leading, sitting, or laying

Lisa Belhaiba Photography